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We have 21 years of experience.
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Tree Diameter: Less than 24 inches
Tree Diameter: greater than 24 inches
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Tree band Removal
Block Captain
Are you organizing an entire block? Reach out to discuss bulk pricing.
Application of Tree Bands
Tree bands have to be applied correctly, or they are useless. After eighteen years, we have perfected the trade. Our bands are applied correctly and look great. We start banding at the end of August and continue throughout the fall.
Removal of Tree Bands
Tree bands left on throughout the summer can cause irreversible damage to the tree. Therefore, we remove all of our bands for free in the spring.
Adopt a tree campaign
We typically band trees on private property. Therefore, in 2015 we began our 'Adopt a Tree Campaign' to band neglected city boulevard trees. We have banded thousands of public trees because of generous donations from our customers.
Continued protection
We are proud to have a 99.9% customer return rate and come back every year to band your trees. Our excellent customer service and hassle-free experience is a big reason why we are the largest tree banding company in Winnipeg. We make our service hassle-free and continue banding your trees yearly.
Tree band on treeTree band on tree

Schmidt Tree banding

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Tree band on treeTree band on tree

Our bands stop cankerworms in their tracks

when applied correctly, tree bands are effective