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Why tree band?
Tree banding reduces cankerworms and mitigates the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

"The best way you can control adult cankerworms is to band your trees before larval cankerworms become a problem. Banding your trees with Tanglefoot is an environmentally acceptable way to keep adult cankerworms from climbing the tree to lay eggs. [...] Encourage your neighbours to also band their trees because cankerworms can travel on their silken threads as larvae."

-City of Winnipeg Insect Control


Who we are

Schmidt Tree Banding is Winnipeg's largest tree banding company. Founded in 2003, we take great pride in our meticulous work and exceptional customer service.

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Banding in a tree

What we do

We band ash, oak, elm, and fruit trees in the fall with authentic tree banding supplies. It is essential to take bands off in the spring, so we remove them for free.

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Tree band on tree

Company updates

Spring 2022

With the late spring, we will begin band removal at the end of May and continue into June.

Fall 2022

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